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Jesse Brooks – Short Techno Mix (2009)  ???❤️??

Jesse Brooks – Winter Mix (2014)

Jesse Brooks, Freshly Squeezed (1994)

Lovecity, DJ’s Franck C and Daniel (1994)

DJ LOIC – Sanctified Funk (1994)


Fresh Produce CD, Released 1998 on V-WAX Records | Available on Amazon

L.A. Groove CD, Released 1997 on VRG Records | Available on Discogs


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 DJ Carl Cox (1991)

Fantazia (1992), DJ Ellis Dee

Fantazia (1992), DJs Sy and Ratty

Oldschool Techno Breakbeat mix (1992)


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Sisterhood is Powerful, T-Shirts

Sisterhood is Powerful T-Shirts

Requested by my wife for the Woman’s March on Jan 21st, 2017. They’re now available to you in two graphic and t-shirt styles. What you see in the photo are two v-neck cap-sleeve tee’s. They’re also available in unisex Hanes brand. White only, for now.

Size (Women)V-Neck
Size (Unisex)


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Feelin’ Berned

feelin' bernedFeelin’ Bamboozled | Feelin’ Robbed | Feelin’ Swindled | Feelin’ Conned | Feelin’ Berned!
I slapped this thing together to express how i feel, and I’m sure many others feel the same.


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Custom Mouse Pads

When i mentioned I was printing custom mouse pads, i was asked, “people still use them?” In fact, yes and much more than one thinks. Even a ‘smart’ mouse needs a mouse pad to effectively work. So custom mouse pads are still a great promotional item and create a buzz.

If you’re a roller ball user like myself, there’s no need for mouse pads, but they’re still cool and make great gifts!