fresh PRODUCE DJ Mixes + more

LIVE DJ sets from fresh PRODUCE gigs, transferred tapes from our personal collection, and some up-to-date goods. Enjoy!

Scott Hardkiss - the Haze (1991)

Jesse Brooks - Fresh-o-matic (1994)

LIVE RECORDINGS - New Years Eve 2020


Hard-Edge Darkness 🖤 Kemistry & Storm Live on Kiss 100 (London) (1995-97)

⭐ Kemistry&Storm w/MC Flux LIVE on Kiss100 (Ricky Breaks)

Another “FAVE” mix i recorded Live from Kiss 100 back in the day

Jumpin' Jack Frost (1997) KissFM London

Marcos - Lighter Shades oƒ Dub (2008) Chill Dubstep

DJ JESSE - here's my Tape (Breakbeat)(1993)

DJ LOIC - Sanctified Funk (Breakbeat)(1994)

Jesse Brooks - Freshly Squeezed (1994)

Jesse Brooks - Short Techno Mix (2009) 🛸 ❤️ 👽

Lovecity, DJ's Frank C and Daniel (Breakbeats)(1994)

the Garden, American Thomas(Live)(Breakbeats)(5/1994)

100% Fresh (Jungle/DnB), Ricky Breaks (1996)

SoTek (Jungle/DnB), Ricky Breaks (2001)

Breakbeat Flashback, Ricky Breaks (2001)

Oldschool Techno Breakbeat mix (1992)

ShockC Oldschool Blast - Techno Breakbeat mix

L.A. Groove (CD)(1997) Mixed by Jesse Brooks

fresh PRODUCE (CD)(1998) Mixed by Jesse Brooks

DJ Soul - Halloween Map Point Mix

Spring Reunion Sets (2009)

Chill-Vibe Cover Photo: Brandon Erlinger-Ford