Postcards Prints for Plane Spotters


Do your photos have what it takes? Aviation postcards are among the  most collectible aviation items in the world. They are light-weight, easy to manage and affordable to mail. Our partners at are offering a Plane Spotters, Postcard Special! Get your top photos printed on your own authentic postcards!

High Quality 4/1 Color  4″x6″ Printed Postcards; 14pt Cardstock
Prices DO NOT include:  Shipping
250 – $38
500 – $40
750 – $43
1000 –  $45


Choose from 1 of 3 back-side designs, or choose a custom back-side design at checkout. There is NO COATING on the backside. You will be prompted to an upload page after checkout to upload your image file(s). Want to layout and design your own postcard?

Postcards are a great promotional and marketing tool and can also generate some needed spotting cash. Here are a couple great ideas for both promotion and sales.

Museums and Special Events are great places to leave postcards or trade. Museum shops and specialty shops love to carry extra goodies like postcards. You can offer bundles at great prices.

Etsy and Ebay are also great marketplaces besides your website and partner websites. Get Started Now!

One Job Always Leads to the Next

Oceanside California, Surfing Club

Here’s a Logo and T-Shirt Design for the Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club. First they needed to update their super-outdated looking shield logo to something more modern yet retaining some classic touch.  In addition, there was an event advertisement t-shirt that was created for a silk-screen print job.

Paints for Wilson Aircraft

Commissioned for Wilson Aircraft paints for the Lockheed L-1011 and Shorts Solent on X-Plane. Three airlines each and complete wing textures. I also did complete wing textures for his 707 (seen in the first photo) which were later removed. Rick Aero –