Classic Breakbeat & Jungle mixes

DJ Ricky Breaks (1998?) (TGV) Tough Enuf

TGV DnB Vinyl Mix Late 1990s?
found this recently, like today 😛 A classic mix i made just before leaving for a trip to France that i hadn’t titled, and it was several days before i left. I put it on a tape for the trip and on my way to the South on the bullet train, some guy next to me could hear it and dug it. We talked and i let him listen to it. (5-hour trip) I gave him the tape when we reached our destination. Being the ∂ork i am, i titled it TGV after the train – enjoy!

Vinyl Records + Mk2s

Breakbeat Flashback, Ricky Breaks (2001)

100% Fresh (Jungle/DnB), Ricky Breaks (1996)

SoTek (Jungle/DnB), Ricky Breaks (2001)

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