Website Progress/Update

My website is one of those things that always ends up on the back burner. It’s over 5+ years old and has had a lot of lipstick slapped on over the years to hide its age. A small window of opportunity has finally presented itself and I’m taking it. If this continues without too much interruption, I can also, finally get to the new fresh PRODUCE website.

For now, I’ve started with the HOMEPAGE, PRINTING and WEBSITES pages.


-Global typography and styling (obvious with this text area)
-the Shop, cart and checkout
-Include Stripe and Venmo Checkout
-Menu styling
-Mobile Menu Styling
-Page:My Work
-Page:Fresh Produce Home+sub
-Page:Home Page
-Print prices. If you want a deal, now’s the time. I’ve not updated in over two years which means inflation has not reached the current list prices

My website is and always will be a sort of digital sketchbook. I test things, load it up with nonsense to see if things work before i introduce them to other websites. Some layouts and content can change day-to-day. Nothing around here is absolute.