Roselle Frey Classical Dance Technician

Also known as, Miss Frey, Rosella Frey and Rose Frey

Born in Zurich, Switzerland (Swiss – Allemande), Rosella Frey spent her youth in San Francisco where her father, a good pianist, had a factory of dyeing silks. She taught the Cecchetti method: master of the Russian ballet. The photo below is from the Dance History Project

– Lived at  3470 W 6th St. Los Angeles, for over 50 years. There was two doors that lead up to the 2nd level  one of which had a large dance studio with dressing rooms and the other was a small apartment.

– She used to rent her studio to international dance companies for their daily work

The two windows on the left was the dressing room. The  extruding window on the side-street was apart of the main dance studio. (i used to sit there as a kid and draw while my mother had private lessons from Miss Frey)

Coincidentally, in August of 1985, the Night Stalker, Richard Ramirez, ditched his red-orange Datsun in the parking lot of the building –