BLUNT CLOTHING:Another wasted Effort

(Septemeber 2021)
As much as I’d love to see this through after all the work i’ve put into it, the other is a vile, abusive alcoholic. After years of trying to ignore the abuse, it’s obvious there’s a huge obstacle shaped like a bottle, and it’s not getting any better whatsoever. I’m not waiting around. Trying to help someone who doesn’t want help weighs heavy. Moving on .

(December 2020)
And here we are, 1.5 years after opening our new site, we are now discontinuing our POD products found on the website while we transition to in-house ordering only. A new website-layout and tee designs are planned for Spring of 2021

HELP WANTED: Duties include Creating MailChimp Campaigns, Designing Graphic Images for Advertising Campaigns, Social Network Postings
Experience: Creative Graphic Design (Photoshop or Similar), Word/Excel, PowerPoint

(January 2020)
Goals were reached a bit later than planned while both Ian and I worked at our regular jobs. Blunt Clothing is now searchable on Google with plentiful results. Our next step was to liquidate old stock to pay for our new website since there is no capitial investment this time around. Liquidating was a slow process using FREE shop sites for a little over a year. In August of 2019, we opened our new website. The process of design, development and integration is a long one. I’m currently the only one at Blunt with experience with this which means this will take a lot of time. In the meantime, we sourced Third-party POD services to help grease the wheels so-to-speak.

(Summer 2016)
On the Run Since ’91, not without a break or two. Blunt is back is biz thanks to Ian and yours truly 😉 I just couldn’t stand not seeing Blunt still in business. It wasn’t a matter of brand or style, but management, or lack there-of. I played a big role in part-deux, but things were out of my control when it came down to it. I didn’t make the final call or decisions. C’est la vie. So I’m looking on the bright side and coming at it with a positive attitude. I’ve been archiving for a couple of months now and will be doing that for the better part of summer. We still have lots of cool stuff to liquidate, and a handful of cool new designs in the works. Check back for updates cause I’ll have some.