Two Nations, Four Cities, One Groove (241) Live Stream (1996)

March 16, 1996 was among the first dj live stream events titled, Two Nations, Four Cities, One Groove (241) ORGANIZED BY DOSE PRODUCTIONS, FRESH PRODUCE, L.A. , COME TOGETHER & hosted by Hyperreal.  USA & Canada got together for an online stream. Cities included were Los Angeles, Denver, Vancouver and Toronto.

The lineup across both Nations were: DJ Dan, Barry Weaver, Donald Glaude, DJ Lace, Tim Patrick, Terry Mullen, Jesse Brooks, Eric Davenport, Paul Van Dyke, Czech, DJ Sneak, Vitamin D, DJ Trance, Thomas Michael +

Hyperreal was a long-standing rave culture website based in San Francisco, CA. They were also known as for the Los Angeles area scene